| Chairman's Message

When I thought of venturing into the field of education, I thought of looking into the gap that tends to exist between the current patterns to what an ideal pattern must look like. After introspecting and contemplating various education models in India and Abroad, we thought of developing a sustainable education model wherein the School and the teacher become facilitators on the path to learning.

Education is not just restricting to imparting knowledge but about training the minds of young children skilfully in order to use that knowledge purposefully to ensure betterment of self and society.

Apart from imparting knowledge, we emphasize upon human and social values. We aim at developing compassionate students, especially those who value the opinions of others. These are the pivotal traits that can truly make a difference to the world and make it a better place to live in

At The Pathways International School, we create a warm, tranquil and secure environment for your child, a place where each student is motivated to understand his/her own self, where their skills are nurtured and a place where learning is encouraged in every facet of their existence-social, physical, emotional, cultural, ethical and spiritual-in addition to academics.

We wish to bring this transformation into the students the of Kathua district. For us, education does not mean business, it means a brighter future. So, we present to you an International School with the best of facilities, infrastructure and a healthy learning environment.We wish to develop the knowledge of students into an exciting journey, that stimulates their latent curiosity and hones their skills of research, expression, presentation and application.

Even our team of teachers have an innate passion, not just to teach but also to learn. They are skilled instructors in terms of knowledge, flexibility, commitment and motivation and walk with us, with our broader mission and vision in mind and action.

So, we welcome you, dear students and parents, to come and experience for your own self how we aim to transform you as leaders of tomorrow.

Welcome Aboard!

Dr. Divij Suri